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Tips for Choosing Waistcoats

In the past, wearing vests are important and obligatory by a reputable gentleman. It was usually worn with formal clothes. Now, those days are far behind. As the vests attract the eyes, but there are some basic rules for wearing vests.

Moreover, there is a difference between day and evening vests too. Here, are some tips for choosing the right waistcoat:

  • The right vest should be long enough from the front to cover the waist of the man. Ideally, the shirt should not be visible between the belt and waistcoat. 
  • The vest should always sit tight. When you wear a vest with a jacket, the V-neck of the vest should be narrow enough so that the lapels of the suit do not hide it completely.
  • Choose the vest fabric depending on the season and according to the occasion.
  • Suit Alterations Sydney creates great vests for casual wear. Make sure you choose the colors that suit you.
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